Eric Crees

The Trombone Section

From De Haske
A book on section playing with exercises and pieces

How Trombonists Do It (with with Peter Gane)

From Brass Wind Publications
A book on legato technique with flexibilities

Three Hungarian Folk Songs

2 trumpets, 1 horn, 1 trombone, percussion

12 Mixed Ensemble Pieces

Associated Board (ABRSM)
Music Medals Series

45 Selected Studies for Alto Trombone

From Brass Wind Publications
By Georg Kopprasch, transcribed and edited by Eric Crees and Ian Rae (Tenor and Bass versions to follow)

Wagner’s Brass

From Eric Crees

Devised by Eric with personal insight from having performed these great works, this is a presentation of Richard Wagner’s use of the extended Brass Section in the four operas of his ‘The Ring’ cycle. It has already been performed and presented at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to great acclaim.

It lasts a little over an hour and requires the brass lineup used by Wagner: Three Trumpets, Bass Trumpet, Four Horns, Four Wagner Tubas, Two Trombones, Bass Trombone, Contrabass Trombone, Contrabass Tuba and Three Steirhorns.

It is a perfect introduction for music college or conservatoire students (and audiences) to acquaint themselves with the wonderful and innovative brass world of Wagner.